"We all hurry..."


"Where to sir?"
"Commercial street please..." I respond.

The driver's fast turn into traffic puts us within touching range of the oncoming truck behind us. The truck honks. We honk back.
 I smile at the prospect of another thrill ride in this Rickshaw. I wonder what it would be like to drive on of these.

A thought dawns on me and with no internal monologue I lean forward: " I'll triple the fare if you let me drive!". I see the driver's eyes in the rear view mirror, measuring me to see if I am serious.
"Oh, I can't do that sir..." he offers "...I can lose my license". I was expecting that. Next, I thought he'd go on to add how he would not be able to fee his family. "...then I won't be able to drive around town this fast!" he adds smiling. I smile back: "good answer!" I think.

 "ok then, just drive as fast as you can!..." I add

"I sure will sir..." he says with a big grin.

I grin back.
I turn my gaze to the world whizzing by us, fast.
"If I can't drive with speed..." I thought, "...I will photograph it!"

When we arrived, I doubled his fare anyway, to a whooping $6; He laid out a big, sincere grin. I had mine on through the whole ride.

"That was a fun ride..." I say standing on the sidewalk
"...and thanks for hurrying!"

"...We always hurry sir..." he says with a big smile.
The he switches into gear and joins the harmonious sea of Rickshaws.

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