Dust Devils

    Ti Ger

    Christine and max

                             J Rock








squinting in the dust.

Dear dust storm.
Thank you for comingout of the playa floor to embrace everyone standing on the open desert.

 ...for being free and glorious on the open playa, the vision shortens in depth and the peripheral perception diminishes.

...for turning all the colours grey and the lines blurred.

...for when amidst a sillouete world, the eye clears and perception becomes ethereal and wonderful.

I was told it's the damn dust that blocks everything.

But I think it's the dust that becomes the medium between me and my Sun so that I can look at it straight in the eye.

And with that thought...

...I smile and slide away.

ZEN at the centre (camp) of the universe

1. Gravity: the natural tendency for things to want to kiss the planet.
2. Ian: the artist who decided #1 is not going to happen...just yet.
3. Zen: when #2 makes #1 appear natural.

...and that's how it's done.

"We all hurry..."


"Where to sir?"
"Commercial street please..." I respond.

The driver's fast turn into traffic puts us within touching range of the oncoming truck behind us. The truck honks. We honk back.
 I smile at the prospect of another thrill ride in this Rickshaw. I wonder what it would be like to drive on of these.

A thought dawns on me and with no internal monologue I lean forward: " I'll triple the fare if you let me drive!". I see the driver's eyes in the rear view mirror, measuring me to see if I am serious.
"Oh, I can't do that sir..." he offers "...I can lose my license". I was expecting that. Next, I thought he'd go on to add how he would not be able to fee his family. "...then I won't be able to drive around town this fast!" he adds smiling. I smile back: "good answer!" I think.

 "ok then, just drive as fast as you can!..." I add

"I sure will sir..." he says with a big grin.

I grin back.
I turn my gaze to the world whizzing by us, fast.
"If I can't drive with speed..." I thought, "...I will photograph it!"

When we arrived, I doubled his fare anyway, to a whooping $6; He laid out a big, sincere grin. I had mine on through the whole ride.

"That was a fun ride..." I say standing on the sidewalk
"...and thanks for hurrying!"

"...We always hurry sir..." he says with a big smile.
The he switches into gear and joins the harmonious sea of Rickshaws.